ThermoChem HT 1000 ThermoChem HT 1000

ThermaSolutions manufactures and distributes the ThermoChem™ HT-1000 and all related disposables. The ThermoChem™ HT-1000 System from ThermaSolutions is the first FDA cleared and CE registered, fully integrated system specifically designed and manufactured for intraperitoneal hyperthermia (IPH).

By exploiting heat and harnessing its power,this advanced medical technology offers a new choice in adjunctive surgical therapies.
Used intraoperatively, ThermoChem™ Systems raises the temperature in the peritoneal cavity to a target temperature of up to 43.0 °C (109.4 °F) by continuously circulating sterile solution throughout the peritoneum.

The ThermoChem™ HT-1000 has been well received by the medical community and is being used at leading hospitals and medical centers throughout the world.